Face oil

Our skin can be affected by many factors, including diet, environment, genetics, and health, so often it needs special cleansers and moisturizers for beautification. Most people aren’t happy with their skin—it’s too dry, it’s too oily, they have acne, eczema or another bad skin conditions—and often need assistance in maintaining a healthy skin balance.

Pure organic skin oils can assist in restoring dry, red, or itchy skin back to its natural baby-soft condition. Skin oils can also assist the skin in healing, and keep the natural bacteria on your skin in a healthy balance.

For this reason alone, your SIMA 100% pure and organic skin oils are perfect for the budget-conscious, yet they provide so many benefits for the skin that they are likened to a premium branded products.

This is why natural and pure skin oils are perfect for your skin. Their texture is smooth and silky, and they contain 100% of the oil and will go towards softening your skin and providing a healing function better than a moisturizing lotion will.  Many organic skin oils also contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that have all been proven to improve and heal human skin.

What Does Organic Mean?

The term “pure” means that the skin oil contains mostly the oil on the label, for example, avocado oil or rosehip oil. There may be a few other ingredients which are added to aid in its texture, or for preservation, but overall, it contains mostly the oil that is advertised. This can be quite unpronounceable ingredients.

You may also wonder what is the difference between skin oil and organic skin oil. For a product, such as skin oil, it must ensure that the brand conforms to the following:

• There is a high level of product quality.
• Environmental matters must be considered.
• Labour must be treated fairly.
• Organic producers conform to yearly guideline certifications.
• There is a shorter supply chain.

Together, all of these organic controls result in a better product and one that you can feel safe in using on your skin. We already battle hundreds of toxins in the air, and poisons in our food, so we want to ensure that we rub a pure product onto our skin.

How Can I Use Organic Skin Oils?

Organic skin oils can be used by everyone, young and old by men and women for beauty purposes. Since they don’t have any added scent or fragrance, there is no question as to whether they are for the male or female market, as anyone can use them.

Skin oils can be used to soften the hair and smoothen split ends, to moisturize the face and body, be used as a makeup remover, and to soften hard cuticles and calluses.

You can simply place a drop or two of skin oil onto your fingertips and directly rub it into your skin. Certain parts of your body, such as your back or shoulders, can benefit from an oil massage. You may also wish for a direct dropper application to dry elbows, knees, or feet, before massaging it in.

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If you’re using your organic skin oils to soften hands or feet, bedtime is the perfect time for application. Simply apply some cotton gloves to your hands, and socks to your feet after application. In the morning you’ll awaken with softened skin.

If you’re using organic cold-pressed oil for hair, you can place a few drops in your hand and directly rub into the roots of your scalp, down through your locks, and to the split ends. Depending on the type of oil will depend on whether you need to wash it off right away, or use it as a styling product for the day.

You may also pour a few drops of your skin oil into your bath water to soften it instead of bath products. Skin oil can be used to remove makeup. You can pour a few drops of oil onto a cotton swab and use them to remove eye makeup. Most oils are safe to use around your eyes and won’t cause them to tear up.

Some oils can be mixed together for additional benefits. You can recycle one of your glass cosmetics jars and use it to mix up your own beauty care oils or to create skincare products with recipes found online.

It’s important to never place your fingers directly into the oil in the bottle, or touch the dropper. You could introduce contaminants to your oil that could affect its shelf life.